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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The end of Spring

Ah what a wonderful day, the birds are cowering in their nests, and its hailing. Yup, IT MUST BE SUMMER! Welcome to Melbourne! So yeah for those of you who don't know, Melbourne is toted as having the most unpredictably irritating whether of all time. Although nowhere near as extreme as other places, or going through such a wide range of extremes in one day, it is horribly unpredictable, and quoted as "having 4 seasons in one day, all of them being shit". Although it only rains about 20 days a year, most people keep an umbrella with them at all times, one in their bag, or at their office, or just walk around carrying at their side; "I'm not paranoid, JUST YOU WAIT TIL IT RAINS", lo and behold, in the middle of spring, out of nowhere, a hail storm. Who's paranoid (but very very dry) now?

But enough about the shitty weather, I've lived in worse, but none quite as irritating.

So a few days ago I went out and played laser tag for 2 hours, in moderate heat, in warm clothes. Was not fun. I finished 2nd last each time, except when I finished dead last. Of course it would have been better with less/different rules. I like to take advantage of my height, and what little athletic prowess I have, in ways such as scaling constructed walls to get to a superior vantage point, or vaulting over short obstacles to quickly get out of the open. But no, the cursed rules were; No running, No anything-but-standing, No touching obstacles and No firing guns one handed. That last one might not seem like much of an issue, but each time I managed to trick the sensor into thinking my hand second hand was covering the barrel, I managed to tag someone. Over the shoulder, around a corner using a wall, sideways using my leg; all times were kills. Also the actual hit-zones were annoying, and that's just me being bad, but I landed plenty of hits on people that were outside the target zone, like on their leg, or JUST missing the small target zones. Next time it shall be paintball... and we'll see how well I do when I don't glow like a really tall (tall comparatively to everyone else, not tall for Christmas tree tall) Christmas tree, and have my height count for something other than making it easier to see me.

Also since the last blog post, was the celebration of my brothers birthday, a month later than it actually occurred, it was epic, there was cake, and it was good. There was also the long awaited union of 2 of my friends as "boyfriend and girlfriend" as well as a split of another long standing couple.

Team Fortress 2 also released their public beta, I got into Fallout New Vegas, and me and my friends discovered lackey, the best online CCG medium ever of all time.

Next blog post shall be after DnD tomorrow, the impending CGBC, and the first real meeting of my "band".

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  1. Good to see you posting mate. I was beginning to think you had abandoned it.